Keeping a Healthy Home

Keeping a Healthy Home
By Lyndsie Bomar On August 5, 2014 In Colorado With No Comment


BOULDER® Cleaners is a brand of National Eco Wholesale (NEW), a company working to bring quality, natural and sustainable home products to the most toxic industries. BOULDER products are manufactured sustainably in Colorado and location in the Midwest and are distributed nationwide. We got the chance to interview Boulder Cleaners about the importance of using natural cleaning products for a healthy and environmentally friendly home.

Why Chemical Free Cleaning?

We value our planet and strongly believe people should have the opportunity to make natural choices that are better for the environment and its conservation. We want to change the idea that green products don’t work. With that we have formulated natural cleaning products that work as well (if not better than) cleaning products packed with toxic chemicals. By switching to BOULDER Cleaner products people can have a sparkly clean house AND reduce their negative impact on the environment.

What is the first product you developed?

We developed BOULDER Cleaners Laundry Detergent first. We noticed very toxic cleaners that removed stains but were bad for the environment, as well as natural cleaners that didn’t remove stains or were too pricey. Our laundry detergent makes it possible for everyone to afford quality detergent that is healthy for the environment.


boulder-cleaners-natural-glass-cleaner-lifestyle3What is the number one misconception about going natural when it comes to cleaning?

That natural product’s don’t work but BOULDER Cleaners is here to change that perception. All products are 3rd party tested against the “best in class” competitors and we consistently test equal or better to leading conventional and natural brands. The mission of National Eco Wholesale, the parent company of BOULDER® Cleaners, is to make a positive impact on the global community by manufacturing high-quality, environmentally conscious products in market categories that are traditionally hazardous for the public and the planet.

Any tips for making a natural cleaning product do more?

Yes, we have a few tips! 1) Often time’s conventional cleaners will coat your counters, clothes, etc. with a residue or film from the chemicals in the product giving the impression that your clothes are extra bright or your counter is extra shiny. This is basically a coating and not truly a deep cleaning. We recommend wiping this residue off by wetting a cloth with warm water before using our natural products. Otherwise you may see streaking and think the product is not working when it is actually reacting to the oily residue from a previous cleaner. 2) Use your natural product a couple of times before you decide if it is working well as the product may be trying to clean off the chemical build-up from previous cleaners, this is especially true with laundry detergent. 3) Using less product and a micro-fiber cloth or dish towel may yield better results. 4) Using a more heavy duty cleaner (or BOULDER® Cleaners All Purpose Cleaner) on the item, then using the a light cleaning product such as using BOULDER Cleaners Stainless Steel and Granite Cleaner to maintain the shine.

BOULDER® Cleaners has recently launched new 28oz bottles for the same great price – that’s an extra 4oz free! Also, check out our blog, Facebook, Twitter pages for cleaning tips and fun ideas, here.