Ladies Essential Yoga Festival Packing Guide!

We have packed ourselves for more than a few yoga festivals and know just what we need to have.  This list is essentials….and since packing light is key to life on the road – we thought you might find this list helpful too!  Here is a photo of items I was loading into the trailer last night as we get ready for our upcoming trip to Lake Tahoe, CA for the Wanderlust Festival this coming weekend!


1. SUNSCREEN – we rank this number ONE in life in general. We like this one from COOLA because it smells good, feels good and is good. They have a mineral line – which is lovely as well, and sans-yuckies! At Wanderlust, CO I learned all about Goddess Garden, if you are looking for chemical free, you should check them out too…tell them The Buzz Bus sent you!

2. Adorable Yoga Clothing – So excited to have SYNERGY Organic Clothing sponsor our team and put them in clothing for WLCA. Their yoga clothes are so great! We will be sporting items from the Peacock and Free Bird collections…we are in LOVE.


3. Hat – any old sunhat or baseball hat will do, but keeping yourself shaded is a good idea if you plan to hoop it up or spend some time on the slack line…I bring a light weight scarf as well…since it can serve as a shawl, a head wrap, skirt and more. I have about 30 of these, so I pack whatever strikes my fancy at the time.

4. Yoga Mat – Take a look at the styles of yoga you are attending and pick the most versatile mat you have! Only have one…bring that! Don’t have a mat – hit up the festivals marketplace, they are sure to have one that will suit you.

5. WATER Bottle – I have a personal arsenal of reusable bottles. But, for a yoga festival I have 2 main requirements – that is be insulated and that it be low profile. There are LOTS of places to fill your bottle – so unless you need a half gallon of water per class, choose to go light and efficient. This bottle from Swell (and Spa Heroes) is my new favorite


6. healthyhoohoo – yep, you heard me right…I am not sure where I would be without these little beauties. Spending countless hours in your favorite yoga tights, capris, pants etc is so great at home, running errands or cleaning the house – but when you put those babies to work in yoga class after yoga class, after hoopdance, after picnic lunch…you need a hoohoo pick me up. Having a handy 10 pack in my bag is pretty much mandatory! You can hit The Buzz Bus team up for a sample if you are looking to give healthyhoohoo living a try – they sponsor the tour to bring “gentle care for down there” to all the ladies we meet!

7. Easy shoes – I personally live in my Oka B flops all summer and admit to having nearly 10 pairs. I love them, they are easy to wear for a long day…they are cute and colorful. They are easy to clean and don’t get all stinky! Your mat neighbors will thank you for that last one.

8. Flash Tattoos – I personally do not pack these, I have enough ink, but I do LOVE them, and if you pack them and sport them day one….you get extra special festival cred…cause trust me, you will see a TON of them by the end of the weekend.

9. Open mind, heart and eyes! I am always surprised at the diversity of a yoga festival….it is not just for hard core yogi’s anymore! Expect to see all types of beautiful souls…like this one below….Olivia is a roadie in training!